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SecureBus™ v1.05


Locking down an embedded device is a critical element in architecting an embedded system, but open USB ports provide a security hole that is difficult to plug. There are enterprise solutions, but most embedded systems are mobile or standalone. SecureBus™ is a standalone solution designed specifically for embedded systems.

SecureBus™ is a patent pending security product that prevents unauthorized USB devices from working in Windows®. SecureBus™ is a special USB device driver that acts like a firewall for USB host ports.  Any time a USB device is plugged into the system SecureBus™ will analyze the hardware and determine if it is an authorized USB device.  If the device is not an authorized USB device then SecureBus™ will prevent it from binding with the Windows® Kernel.

When you install SecureBus™ the installation program will identify and display all USB devices connected to the system.  By default they will be allowed and added to the authorized list.  You can simply uncheck any present USB devices to remove them from the allowed device whitelist.  You can also add devices to the allowed whitelist that are not currently connected to the system by adding custom entries to the allowed authorized list. 


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