From time to time, we publish articles on different embedded and some non-embedded subjects. Most articles are in PDF format. Adobe® Reader® or equivalent is required to view the articles. Some articles are accompanied with a source code project, which are also available for download. The list of articles keeps growing since we started SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions in 2004. To accommodate future articles, we have group the past articles into their categories for ease of navigation. Please click on the tiles below for the subject you are interested in.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise: The Case of the Magical Disappearing Utilities

Just when you think you have seen everything, something new happens like utilities disappearing from c:\Windows\System32.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise: Image Development Workflow - September 2020

A sound design process leads to a successful project. This paper looks at the Annabooks’ workflow for developing Windows 10 IoT Enterprise images. Developed over the last 20 years starting with Windows NT Embedded, the workflow provides a foundation to create a custom image and prepare the image for production.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise: Why No Components Like Previous Windows Embedded Releases? - February 2020

The size of the OS image is an important factor in design. The size can impact disk space and RAM requirements, which can impact costs. Also, if a CRC check on bootup is needed, the smaller the image the better. Gone are the days of Windows Embedded where one could select the features put into an image. Developers get the whole Windwos 10 IoT Enterprise footprint whether features are used or not. This article looks at the history that has led to this point, and some ideas to reduce foot with what we have today.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (17763): Block Device Installation - September 2019

Windows comes with many security and lockdown features that we have covered in detail in various books and articles. The one area that we have not covered is block removable devices connecting to a system. This article covers 2 solution to block devices from connected to an embedded/IoT system.


How to Get Started with Windows 10 IoT Licensing - August 2019

Building images have been covered in books and articles, but when it is time to ship, you company needs to be signed up for license Windows IoT. Finding a distributor and signing the CLA is only the first step as there are other websites to sign up for and image development steps to follow.


Windows® 10 IoT Core Retail Build with Code Signing Certificate - March 2019

The article goes through the steps to setup the code signing certificate to build Windows 10 IoT Core Retail image.


DISM + FFU Capture and Restore an Image - February 2019

In the past, OEMs had to use 3rd party tools to capture disk images. With the release of Windows 10 Build 1809, version 17763, a new solution to capture .FFU files using DISM is now available. This article walks through the steps to perform a disk capture and restore using DISM and .FFU files.


Embedded/IoT OEMs and Windows as a Service (WaaS) Rev 1.2 - January 2019

Some clients have asked about using the Windows 10 Enterprise non-LTSB releases. Article looks at the changes to the servicing and discusses why Embedded/IoT OEM device manufacturers should continue to stick with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB / LTSC.


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