Consulting and Integration Services

Windows® Embedded and POS for .NET Consulting Services, and Windows® Server and Desktop Integration Services

Developing a Windows image is more than just picking a few components and building an image. Developers have to take into account how the system is used, manufactured, and supported in the field. We take an architectural approach to deliver the right solution for your product. We also work with different companies to offer low level development services and Windows® licensing so you can get the right resources to complete your project.

Annabooks, LLC. is a privately owned company. While some consulting companies publically announce the customers they are working with and post logos and news items on their websites, we understand your need for anonymity. We work with companies of various sizes, and we have experience in variety of markets. Our previous Windows Embedded projects have included:





  • Thin clients
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Industrial Controls
  • Test Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive / IVI
  • Medical Equipment
  • Military Systems
  • Digital Displays
  • Tablet Computers
  • Point of Sale devices
  • Vending Machines


If you are looking for support on your Windows project, Annabooks provide support in different areas:

  • Hardware requirements review
  • Create and integrate components, modules, or distribution share setup for applications and device drivers
  • Architect configurations for product life cycle
  • Implement security policies
  • Implement embedded features such as UWF, EWF, and FBWF
  • Windows Image creating using the tools System Image Manager (SIM) and Image Configuration Editor (ICE)
  • Develop architecture and build documentation


We offer both an hourly consultation rate and different plans to support a variety of different Windows project needs. Please contact us for more information on consultation and availability.