Windows® CE Articles


Windows CE File Access Errors TIP - January 2006

By John R. Malin - Sometimes Platform Builder will changes the file access rights to a workspace. This paper identifies the problem, and then provides a work around to reclaim rights to the workspace.


Windows CE BSP Cloning Tips - October 2005

By John R. Malin - Discusses the proper techniques for cloning a Windows CE BSP, and the article also discusses the trouble spots when using the BSP Wizard.


Avoiding Platform Builder Workspaces Corruption - October 2005

By John R. Malin - Shows the problem and the solution to a file directory corruption issue caused by the New Platform Wizard.


Sources File Corruption in Platform Builder Tip - October 2005

By John R. Malin - Sometimes changing settings will corrupt the sources files in Platform Builder workspace. This tip shows you what to watch out for and how to correct the sources file corruption issue.