Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise Training

Standard 2 Day course Covers Using System Image Manager (SIM) with Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise and Lockdown Features

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with installing, configuring, and maintaining Windows 10

Below is the class syllabus. Continuous update is a unique feature of our courses. Rather than getting locked into a set course material, we continuously update the course content as new features and concepts become available. The syllabus below will be updated over time. The class covers the tools, features, and development process. The target is a virtual machine.

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

  • The Journey to One Core
  • Core vs. Enterprise and LTSB
  • Azure IoT Introduction
  • Hyper-V
  • System Requirements
  • Lab 1: Target VM asetup

Module 2: System Image Manager (SIM) Overview

  • Why use SIM
  • Development Process
  • Installation Passes
  • Settings
  • Automate the installer
  • Lab 2: Create an Auto Installer

Module 3: Distribution Share

  • Device Drivers
  • Applications
  • Synchronous Commands
  • Configuraton Set
  • Lab 3: Using Configuration set to Deploying OS Custom Applications and Drivers

Module 4: Sysprep

  • Development Process
  • The Unattended File
  • Capture Master Image
  • Lab 4: Using a Sysprep Unattend File

Module 5: Image Servicing

  • Terminology
  • Servicing tools
  • Lab 5: Create a Custom WinPE Disk

Module 6: The Filters - Lockdown

  • Enabling Lockdown features in SIM
  • Write Filter Overview
  • Unified Write Filter (UWF)
  • Keyboard Filter
  • Edge Gesture Filter Story
  • Toast Notification Filter
  • Lab 6: Working with UWF and Keyboard Filter

Module 7: Device Experience

  • Startup screens
  • Branding Components
  • Custom Shells and Shell Launcher
  • Lab 7: Hiding Microsoft Branding

Module 8: Security

  • An Approach to Security
  • Device Guard
  • BitLocker
  • SecureBoot
  • Windows Defender
  • Security Policies
  • Group Policies
  • SecureBus™ (USB Filter)
  • Lab 8: Creating and Implementing a Custom Security Template and Custom Policy Setting

Module 9: Deterministic Performance (Real-Time Support) from TenAsys®

  • INtime®
  • eVM®




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