Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit - Tools Release 2


Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit - Tools Release 2

Based on customer feedback this new release updates some of the previous tools from the Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit and introduces some new tools. The tools are designed to help with WES2009 / XP Embedded development in several areas: creating components, dependency hunting, version control, and documentation.

The tools are now free and are provided with no support. They are supplied as is without warrenty. You can download the tools here or click on the image. .NET Framework 1.1 is required prior to installation.


Product Number: SJJ200

Component Helper V2

Component Helper V2 (CH2.exe) Component Helper is a snapshot tool that takes a before and after installation snap-shot of a system. The snapshots are compared to get the file and registry differences, any file differences are then moved to a flat directory. Version 2 has several improvements:

  • New option to scan files, registry, or both.
  • Scan multiple fixed drives.
  • Files new and updated are detected.
  • For files output: SLD file replaces the KDF file.
  • Log files identify any file copy errors or registry scan errors.
  • Duplicate file names are addressed with a unique file extension.


Component Hunter

Component Hunter This is a new component search tool that provides 4 different component searching features. The original Component Tracker has been updated and rolled into this new tool. For Component Tracker, version numbers have been added to the component lists, and you can now double-click on decencies and dependent-on lists to trace component relationships. A new Dependency Hunter replaces the need to use DependencyWalker's static search and an XPe file filter to track down file/component dependencies for an application or DLL. A File Find search has been added that doesn't care about visibility levels and provides repository location information for XPe files without a corresponding component. Finally, Registry Search allows you to search for components based on key, value name, and value.

Note: Component Hunter will not work with the evaluation version of Windows Embedded Studio.

Note2: If you install WES2009, check the Database server location. If the location is [local]\SQLEXPRESS, you must add \SQLEXPRESS to the computer name ComponentHunter shows on startup in order to conenct to the database.



SLDX Assistant

SLDX Assistant A command line tool and graphics tool that combines SLX to TXT and SLXDiff into one tool. SLDX Assistant adds similar function support for SLD files. Two search options allow for simple component only information or deeper detailed information.

Here are some results for the command line version of SLDX Assistant. The first two cover a component and detail list for an SLX file. The last two show the component and detail comparison between two SLXs.

SLDXA_T_L1 - SLX Component List

SLDXA_T_L2 - SLX Detail List

SLDXA_D_L1 - Compare Component Lists between two SLXs

SLDXA_D_L2 - Compare Detail Lists between two SLXs - Very big file!