SJJ Shell v1.0.2.8


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SJJ Shell

The new SJJ Shell provides you with a solution for two of the most import challenges in Windows® Embedded systems design, today: branding and maintenance.  The SJJ Shell can be substituted for  the standard desktop shell to provide a different and more contemporary look and feel for your device, or the SJJ Shell can be used as a background maintenance shell to launch your main application as the primary shell. 

The active controls in the SJJ Shell are graphic buttons that are like shortcut icons on the desktop which launch other applications.  Configurability without code modification was the driving design goal for the SJJ Shell.  Therefore, customization is managed with a single configuration file.  Within this configuration file the number of rows and columns on the screen grid, the button graphics, the location of each graphic button on the screen grid, the button’s label text, and the action that each button will take are all customizable.

Using the SJJ Shell to launch your main application as the primary shell instead of simply replacing the desktop shell with your main application solves the problem of future maintenance when modifications to or replacement of your main application are required.  When the SJJ Shell is used to launch your application, it remains in the background, and would be configured as an administrative shell, providing access to administrative applications and functions, like system restart.  Since your main application is a separate process, the application can be closed dropping you back to the SJJ Shell in its administrative function.  Your main application can then be replaced and the system restarted using the SJJ Shell administrative functions that you customized.

SJJ_Shell comes ready to support Windows® Embedded Standard 7 and Windows® XP Embedded (WES2009). It has also been test with Windows® Embedded 8 Standard. A single unit license is provided with the product. Per unit license can be purchased online for $1.00.


  • .NET Framework 3.5


The following illustrations show the versatility of the SJJ Shell configuration capability.



4 Rows X 7 Columns, Blue BackColor

4 Rows X 3 Columns, OrangeRed BackColor

3 Rows X 4 Columns, LightCyan BackColor



SJJ_Shell Product Manual - pdf


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