The PC Handbook - 8th Edition

by John P. Choisser and John O. Foster

Orignally titled, The XT-AT Handbook, The PC Handbook has been a must-have for anyone developing with the PC. A reference with hard-to-find technical information about the PC family of computers, this book covers 64 subjects, including I/O connectors, memory and I/O maps, hardware and software interrupts, peripheral chip registers, keyboard scan codes, screen codes, cable connections, and card dimensions.

The new edition adds new technologies such as SATA, USB, PCI Express, HDMI, and DVI. Some older technologies like MFM hard drives, Floppy, and SCSI information have been removed.



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For over 20 years, Annabooks has published some of the leading books covering cutting edge PC technologies, and it all started with this little book…

Here is the original article from InfoWorld May 16, 1988 Page 40 that introduced the The XT-AT Handbook to the world.

Book Details

Publisher: Annabooks; Eighth edition (Jan 2011)
Paperback: 120 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0-9842801-2-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9842801-2-4
Product Number: AB001

Kindle Edition (August 2011)
ISBN-10: 0-9842801-4-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9842801-4-8







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Eighth Edition Table of Contents:

1. Useful References

2. ISA 62 Pin Connector
3. ISA 36 Pin Connector
4. PC/104 Connector
5. EISA Connector
6. PCI and PCI-X Connectors
7. PCIe / PCI Express
9. VESA VL Bus Connector
10. PC Card (PCMCIA) Connector
11. ISA Signal Names
12. ISA BUS Signal Summary

13. AT Add-on Card Dimensions
14. Card Bracket Position
15. PCI Form Factors
16. PC/I04 Cards

17. Power Cables
18. Display Cables
19. Keyboard Connectors
20. Parallel Printer Cable
21. RS-232C Cables
22. Null Modem Cable
23. Game Controller Adapter Cable
24. USB Cables
25. Ethernet
26. SATA / eSATA
27. IDE (ATA) Cable
28. IDE (ATA) Signals


29. BIOS POST Notes
30. User ROM Scan
31. Memory Map
32. I/O Map
33. BIOS Data Area
34. Interrupt Map
35. Hardware Interrupts
36. DMA Channels
37. BIOS Entry Points
38. CMOS Memory and Real-Time Clock
39. Video Registers
40. 8237 DMA Controllers
41. 8042 Keyboard Controller
42. 8259 Interrupt Controller
43. 8253/8254 Counter/Timer
44. 8250 Serial Chip Notes
45. 8250 Register Description
46. Logical & Physical Devices
47. Bi-Directional Parallel Port
48. Enhanced (Fast) Parallel Port
49. PCI Configuration Space Header Type 00h
50. PCI Configuration Space Header Type 01h
51. PC Card (PCMCIA) Socket Services
52. PC Card (PCMCIA) Card Services

53. AT 84 Key Keyboard Scan Codes
54. AT 101 Key Keyboard Scan Codes
55. AT Keyboard Commands
56. ASCII Control Codes
57. Screen Codes

58. MS-DOS Commands
59. BATCH Commands
60. CONFIG.SYS Commands
61. DEBUG Commands
62. MS-DOS Keystrokes

Windows 7
63. Windows 7 Commands
64. Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts



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