A Recipe for Love

Adventures of an Italian Restaurateur

An Oakview Novel

A Receipe for Love



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by Tanya Katnic

It has been said that bread is the staff of life.  For Mario Bertolli, it is pizza dough that provides the quintessential staple in his restaurant, the Pizza Project #1.  He is happiest crafting pizzas and feeding the throngs that descend on the Project on a daily basis.

Situated in the middle of Main Street, the restaurant is the heart of Oakview, and Mario is surrounded by many individuals who also contribute to the tight-knit community in their own unique ways.

There is Buddy, his chief cook and jokester, who lives large, loves deeply and is an A student of history.  And Maisie, the curmudgeon next door who, at age 70, fiercely defends her business, a dry cleaners.  And the editor of the Oakview Register, Laney, who experiences a rebirth which transforms her life and brings her love.   Sandy, of Sandy’s Dandies, faces adversity and arises anew, stronger than ever.   And Debra, the manager of Pizza Project #2 proves to be a huge thorn in Mario’s side because she strives to make changes, from the seating arrangements to his tried and true recipes.

But the two people who mean the most to Mario, and who occupy his thoughts on a daily basis, are a beautiful 40-something karaoke singer and an adorable 11-year-old little girl.

Is there room enough for these two ladies in Mario’s life?  Or in his heart?

About the Author

When Tanya Katnic was reading a romance novel every week, her husband Andrew challenged her to write a book of her own.  She made a promise to herself that one day she would pen her own novel.  Fast-forward past her career as a high school English and journalism teacher, and the promise was fulfilled.  A Recipe For Love is her sophomore tome, an engaging sequel to Our Mother Away From Home.

Book Details:

Publisher: Annabooks (August 16, 2021)
Paperback: 157 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9911887-8-9
Product Number: AB123