DUA Administrator v1.0




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Product Number:SJJ201

DUA Administrator Utility

The DUA Administrator utility provides a graphical user interface to Device Update Agent's registry settings. DUA Administrator allows you change DUA settings such as days and hours the service will look for updates, command file names, poll intervals, remote HTTP settings, and the ability to stop and start the DUA service. The CD contains an SLD so you can build the utility into a Windows® XP Embedded image using Target Designer.

DUA Administrator is modeled after the DUA settings page found in Target Designer. The DUA status indicates whether the DUA service is running or stopped. If you make any changes to the settings click Apply to save or Cancel to disregard and close DUA Administrator. When you click Apply, changes are saved to the registry. EWF or FBWF should be turned off when you perform changes to the registry; otherwise the settings maybe lost.


  • Windows XP Embedded
  • Windows Embedded Standard 2009


  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Device Update Agent




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